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Surfer Peg in Australia

Hi Red,

Finally got the pegs on. We have had rain and is predicted to shower for the next few weeks. Soon as the sun comes out I will take some shots at the beach. For now you can have a look how it came out on the Triumph.
Tekin Tontu, Australia

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Surfer Peg/Sport Pegs™ can be ordered on line through this web site by sending your info on the contact page.

Surfer Peg/Sport Pegs™
Surfer Peg

  • Beautiful high polished stainless steel construction.

  • Hand removable for storage.
    (No Tools Required)

  • Strong protection for bike and rider.

  • Aerodynamic Asset; Carrying a surfboard along side the bike like the tail fin of a jet, you’ll have incredible tracking. Also, you’ll have incredible stability like an outrigger canoe. Together they act like a Ram Jet making the vortex of wind between them a powerful source of control resulting in a fast, rock solid comfortable ride.

  • Save big money by parking your big old gas guzzling truck or van and let Surfer Peg/Carry All Peg™ pay for themselves.

  • Find parking anywhere you go, avoid traffic jams.

  • No matter what you do, you’ll have a great ride.